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Live Cam Solarium





Welcome to our live cam tanning studio. This is the one and only tanning studio, where you can watch people at each step from the entrance until they get off again. We have 20 cams installed, in each tanning cabin you can use 3 zoomable spy cams to see all details of our clients.


You can watch our salon live Monday - Saturday from 11:00 am - 20:00 pm. The rest of the time you can see the recordings of the day.









  Cabin 1 (Men) 3 Live cams
  Cabin 2 (Men) 3 Live cams
  Cabin 3 (Women) 3 Live cams
  Cabin 4 (Women) 3 Live cams
  Cabin 5 (Women) 3 Live cams
  Cabin 6 (Women) 3 Live cams
  Entrance 2 Live cam


Jede Kamera verfügt über eine Zoom-Funktion und lässt sich frei steuern.







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